School Prom Photographer Pricing

The only thing we can sell you is our time and talent. We will not turn up and work for nothing and then sell images one by one, for rip off prices, instead we have a flat rate structure for what we do. We charge £450 per photographer for up to 5 hours. We are prepared to travel anywhere in the UK and we will always advise you of any travel costs before we confirm a booking. All bookings are taken on a 'first come first served' basis, and a deposit of £100 per photographer hired is required to secure our services.

CONSIDER THIS - Many Ball Committees actually include the cost of the photography hire in the ticket price, just like everything else that has been organised for the ball. This is by far the best way to go. Lets say 1 photographer is needed for 300 Ball go-ers, that equates to an additional £1.50 per ticket. That takes all the heat out of the issue of the photographer costs. But... have you considered that if the Ball Committee then decided to sell a disc of all the images for as little as £5, they could make a profit of at least £3.50 per disc, possibly more. Similarly with the selling of prints, there is good profit to be made by going this route too, even without charging a hideous price for a print.

We have loads of ideas so if you have any questions whatsoever or want to check availability, please just get in touch.