School Ball Backdrops and Backgrounds

One of the most common questions we get asked is do we have backdrops for use?

The answer to this is that we do but are only really wide enough for an area set-up for couples. We also prefer that your backdrop(s) reflect the theme of your ball for that year.

Our job is to provide all the ball-goers with very high quality images. The backdrops you choose can have an unexpected effect on how the images turnout in respect of light quality. The image below was a rented canvas, 6 meters wide and formed a great backdrop because of its colour and width. We recommend at least a minimum of 6 meters wide.

Avoid Black Backdrops

Try and avoid black-black backdrops in very poorly lit areas. The image below looks great but to the trained eye, the black backdrop just absorbed all the light. We could start looking at 2 or 3 lighting set-ups but we have to remember, this is a ball and not a big commercial lighting set-up. Too many lights is risky, impractical and unsafe for all.

Backdrop Durability

You got to remember when you design your photo areas that there will be a colossal amount of foot traffic. The two images below show how the photo area looked at 7.30pm when it started and at 11.30pm when the ball finished. This scenario is just a nightmare for us, constantly clearing the area to ensure images look great. It slowed the whole process down a fair bit unfortunately.

Black Backdrops are not always bad

Some theming companies have excellent dark backdrops. The image below, shows how a pleated effect together with a bit of reflective texture can actually work.

Backdrop Balance is Everything

Finally, this image demonstrates how a backdrop can work well. White is always a fantastic backdrop colour when used with an alternative side colour. This backdrop was 10 meters wide and all the material was purchased from a store for a fairly small amount of money. Backdrops do not have to be expensive.

If in doubt, call us

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, give us a call. We have years of experience and will have encountered virtually every challenge going.