School Prom Photography

"Most things in life are moments of pleasure and a lifetime of embarrassment; photography is a moment of embarrassment and a lifetime of pleasure. Tony Benn

'School Ball' or 'Prom' Photography is becoming ever popular here in the UK as we catch up with the Americans in the way that young adults leave school. The School Prom is seen in many ways as a 'right of passage' from school to the wider world. Following this final school gathering many students go their seperate ways to find their way in the world

Having professional photos of everyone you were at school with is something that will be become a treasure as you get older when you look back and think 'I wonder what happened to them'.

So how are we different?

We realise that the old way of photographing at Proms was fundamentally flawed. The band get paid, the DJ gets paid, even any outside caterers get paid. The only person working at ball that wasn't getting paid was the Photographer.

So what we ask for a flat fee of £450 for each photographer and we will work all night. Once its all over, we edit all your images to a high professional standard and give you all the hi-resolution images on a DVD. The Ball Committee can either make copies of the DVD and fund raise by selling them or print and sell the images themselves. This way the Prom Committees can re-coup the entire cost of the photography.

We offer pre-ball meetings to ensure we are also well organised and fit into what you want. That's another thing, don't be fooled, we are being paid to work for YOU, so we do it how YOU want. Every Prom is different, and as such our images are also very different.


Hi Nic, A big thank you for photographing our schools prom! The photos were amazing and everyone commented on how friendly and approachable you were. Having the copyright to the pictures made it so easy for everyone to get copies without paying anything on the night, and everyone was delighted with the photos.

Robyn - Cox Green School Prom