Photography Copyright Information

Dare we even mention the C word - Copyright?

A commercial photographer that gives you his Copyright - Yeah Right - No, seriously, that is right - we do!!

Photographic Copyright is a very controversial subject in the world of Professional Photography. The frustration commercial clients feel at paying a photographer to do a job, and then having to buy the image Copyrights is one that we fully understand.

However, at one2one we dare to be different. We provide all our clients with full Copyrights to the images taken included in the price so you can re-use YOUR photographic images at anytime in the future without the need to obtain permission from one2one Photography. All the full sized images are released immediately after the job is completed

So what is the value of owning the Copyright?

One of our recent customers came to us because they wanted future rights to use their photos. They had used a local photographer for 8 years but when they asked to re-use the images on a newly developed website, they were asked to pay £6,000 to buy the Copyrights. Instead, they hired one2one, had a completely new set of images taken, some 250 in total and paid us £800.

Technical Information

For all our commercial work, we use Canon's Latest Professional Camera - Canon EOS 1D Mark IV, and their top professional lenses, and where needed, Bowens professional studio lights.

We often get asked about image file sizes, and from these cameras a 150MB file in TIF 16 bit conversion is produced, which is big enough for a Billboard.

On the note of file output and post production work, we shoot all our commercial photography work in RAW, meaning we can then process to many different file formats.

We also supply as standard a set of downsized JPEGs so you can easily view the images without the need to load Gigabytes of files onto your PC, and also to help email images quickly and efficiently.

Post Production Editing

We will do what we are asked to do. Many of our commercial clients outsource the production work to agencies. In this case, we are often asked just to provide the RAW and/or processed image files. If you don't have an agency and you do all the production work 'in house' we can supply edited images in a print ready form, its your call.

Feel free to contact one2one photography should you have any questions.