Commercial Photography

"You don't take a photograph, you make it. Ansel Adams

Most of us follow a similar pattern when reading a newspaper ad or brochure. We first look at the pictures, then read the headlines, and finally, scan the first few sentences that manage to catch our interest.

Pictures have the advantage, since most of us love to look at pictures, and there's very little reading required in order for us to get the gist of the message. This is because pictures are capable of telling a story all on their own.

However, if the photos aren't compelling enough, or are poorly positioned, even they can be ignored. In a brochure especially, you want to make sure the photos cannot be ignored.

The value we provide to our commercial clients is based on two key ingredients - our Creative Expertise and our Technical Knowledge.

one2one Photography has offices in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada and we have a broad range of local, national and international commercial photography clients.


Hi Nic, I can HONESTLY say that the photos were excellent. We (the organisers) thought that you'd captured everyone and everything about our party. We were very impressed with the quality as well, especially the black & white photos. The one where one of the staff won first prize - you pictured her surprise brilliantly! We have today published the photos on our shared drive at work for everyone to see. Many thanks Nic for all the photos and will certainly recommend you in the future.