About one2one photography

one2one photography is an International Photography Company with offices based here in the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, employing 12 fully qualified professional photographers. We are not a franchise, we are all friends that happen to have a passion for photography.

"Photography has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them. Elliott Erwitt

one2one has never been afraid of breaking away from the traditions and idiosyncrasies that many photography firms the world over impose on their clientele, predominantly the retention of your photographs and copyright. Sure most photographers will release the images for an extra fee or if you buy a wedding album from them, but we have always believed that to be fundamentally wrong. The only reason photographers retain Copyright is so they can benefit from selling your photographs back to you and your guests, even though you have paid them to capture the photographs. This traditional business model is one that we don't believe in and so we re-vamped the way we do business to keep it as simple as possible.

So how do we run our business?

Simplicity is the key. There is only one cost to our clients, and that is the cost of our time to capture and edit the images. Clients buy a block of our time in hours and we photograph continually for those chosen hours. Our clients then receive all the full sized original images that were taken on the day and the full sized edited files, afterall they are your photos, not ours, so why not have them all. Also, we give clients FULL COPYRIGHTS on all of our packages, not just the most expensive. We think that's fair and more importantly so do our clients!

The fun factor

A lot of clients want to have a photographer that they click with, one that they can trust and one that makes them feel relaxed. Weddings can be stressful but we like to think of them as a big party with family and friends with a little bit of formal legal stuff thrown in. So despite being extremely professional we do like to have 'fun' and join in on your wedding day, many clients do see us as that extra friend at the wedding.

So why do clients book us? The simple answer is they know they are going to get a truly professional service, quality photos and photographers that have personality and a willingness to join in and have fun on the big day.